Overview of Trip-Australia to Chile

IMG_0801Our routeDSC02672Orion

November and December 2014

Map of our travels and the Orion.

Our National Geographic trip across the Pacific was a fantastic adventure and expedition. It began in Brisbane as we stayed with Julie and Russ Spreadbury. Julie is a long-time colleague of mine. From there we flew to Cairns, had a brief tour of the city and then boarded the Orion, our home for November and December.


On board we had an amazing group of people from the fantastic National Geographic photographers to outstanding naturalists who were experts on birds, corals, fish, and history. Birute Galdikas who has studied Orangutans in Borneo for the past 40 years was on board as well as many other writers/researchers. Carl Hoffman who had just completed his nonfiction book on the death of Michael Rockefeller in 1961 was researching Pitcairn Island for an article. Photographer and researcher Chris Rainier was on board conducting further research and training for the language culture project with National Geographic. He visits remote villages to train young people to record (visually and auditory) elders’ stories and language. We are rapidly losing languages and National Geographic is trying to record these languages and stories before they are lost. A Swedish travel writer was on board working on his next book. Several other writers of both fiction and nonfiction were on board as well as many avid photographers, divers, birders, and lovers of history and cultures. In addition, we had four World War II veterans on board for the first leg of the trip through Guadalcanal that made the trip very special for both them and us.

Enjoy reading the blog of the travels and even though they are posted from the end of the expedition to the beginning, a map will show you the route the Orion took from Cairns, Australia to Easter Island, Chile.


2 thoughts on “Overview of Trip-Australia to Chile”

  1. Sam and I view and read your blog! An amazing trip and thanks for the detailed descriptions. We are so glad that you are back safely.
    Vera and Sam Hutchison


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